This is my first food blog and I am strangely nervous. I have read, followed, and secretly admired many but never thought of having my own until I was encouraged and cajoled by a fellow blogger pal – The Accidental Natural. So here goes.

Although aptly named I have never made neither a Madeleine nor a Macaron. I have yet to even taste a Madeleine but imagine that it would be devine and I am determined to experience the real thing. But until then both I and this online test kitchen will rely on David Lebovitz, and others, for a guided taste tour.

However, I did have the pleasure of tasting vanilla, caramel, and pistachio Macarons at Paillard Café in Quebec City…and I am in love. So, the first and second recipes that I will tackle will be for both of these dainty treats. I have already sourced a regular non-non stick Madeleine pan (Williams Sonoma) which I am picking up tomorrow plan to pick up asap. I will be back with some photos. Wish me luck!