Canadian compromise helped to determine size of Centennial cake

A month before July 1, the telephone rang in my office. A woman from the Centennial commission asked if my company, Morrison Lamothe, would cater Canada’s 100th birthday and make the birthday cake for the 1967 event. It was to be an eight-foot dummy cake installed at the base of the Parliament Buildings that the Queen would cut on July 1. I said we’d be honoured to be part of the proceedings.By chance that evening, I met for the first time with Secretary of State Judy LaMarsh, who was responsible for the happenings on the Hill. When I told her the commission had ordered an eight-foot birthday cake, she reacted with horror. “Why, a cake that size will look ridiculous in front of the Peace Tower! I want a 30-foot cake!” I was a little taken aback and said I would only proceed when I had confirmation by telegram of the exact size.

Three weeks later, eight days before July 1, the telegram arrived confirming the birthday cake was to be 20 feet high. A typical Canadian compromise! Read more…