The Jaffa Cake war

MailOnline ~ McVitie’s Jaffa cakes are almost as British as the tea time to which they provide a perfect accompaniment.

But the country’s third biggest-selling biscuit, after Kit Kat and the chocolate digestive, has come under fire from a company claiming to be the ‘adult version’.

With England still smarting after the humiliating defeat by Germany in the World Cup, Hanover-based Bahlsen will seek to add insult to injury tomorrow with a major advertising blitz to undermine McVitie’s position.

The six-figure television campaign aims to steal market share from McVitie’s  –  part of United Biscuits  –  with the slogan ‘the future is oblong’, referring to its biscuits’ elongated shape.

‘We’ve looked at our range and decided that of all our products the Messino is a jaffa cake and that needs no introduction for the British,’ said Bahlsen marketing manager Jon Dance.

‘Without wanting to sound pretentious about what is basically a biscuit, our position is about being continental, more indulgent, more interesting and more stylish.’

Bahlsen’s choco Leibniz is already established on shop shelves and its Messino jaffa cake made a low-key arrival at the end of last year.

Madeleines + Macarons Summary ~ The Messino Jaffa Cake, a square version of the round Mc Vities Jaffa Cake, has also copied the colour scheme of McVities packaging in its attempt to use its stylised version to increase its market share with an expensive ad campaign. End of story.

P.S. LOL! Can you tell that I’m McVities fan?