I need cornflakes, milk, chicken and oh yes a wedding cake…

British Brides who are on a tight budget need worry no more. Both Asda (a grocery store) and Marks & Spencers are offering sweet options in the shape of affordable wedding cakes.

Asda has created an Extra Special line which includes “…rich moist fruit cakes bursting with juicy plump sultanas and raisins, glace cherries, candied orange and lemon peel, walnuts and pecans, laced with French brandy and decorated with sweet marzipan and soft icing.” The cakes are offered in three different sizes – small, medium and large ranging in price from £7.00 – £13.48.

However with the rolled fondant surface, brides will have to call on creative friends/relatives to add the requisite swoops and swirls to complete the look or they may opt for a simple and stylish design using fresh flowers.

On the otherhand, Mark and Spencers has gone several steps further by offering six cakes and cupcakes (Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate – £35.00/48). Their Traditional Wedding Cake is not only covered with marzipan and soft icing but also decorated with simple piping that can be ready for collection in just seven (7) days! It serves 26 and ranges in price from £12.00-£55.00. The collection’s flavour options include fruit and flavoured sponges such as all-butter or chocolate decorated with e.g. white chocolate curls. They all look beautiful!

Tiers come in three (3) sizes so you can mix and match or even opt for just one tier for an intimate wedding. Each tier comes on its own cakeboard and can be stacked using pillars and dowel rods (sold separately).

Everyone should be able to afford a wedding cake for their special day so I’m impressed that Asda and Marks and Sparks have tapped into this niche. These are both very convenient options but I wonder about their taste. If anyone has tried either of these cake collections I would love to know your thoughts. In the meantime Bon appetite!